MyCard Event

《Legend Of Swords》MyCard Event!

Event: One time recharge MyCard 500 points or above to get extra 15% rebate!

Time: 2015/12/22 00:00-2015/12/29 23:59(UTC+8)

Detail: Recharging via MyCard can claim 15% rebate. (The original free ingots can’t be claimed) Rebate can be claimed from mailbox once you recharge.

For example: If you recharge 6000ingots via MyCard, you can claim 6900ingots in total. (Extra ingots: 6000*15%=900) Other sets of recharge are available.

APK Download:
Android Download:
iOS Download:
Official Site:
Facebook Page:
《Legend Of Swords》MyCard Topup Guide:

1.The original free ingots can’t be claimed.
2.Recharge in-game with Android or via third-party payment.
3.Only LegendOfSwords has the right of explanation.


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How do I register?

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What is ALLSERVE credits?

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